​Dr. Caroline Ajonina 

​Parasitic epidemiology in ecosystem and water management

(3.8.2017, Hall C)

​​Dr. Robert Armon

​Biofilms and bacteriophages, an endless battle between micro and nano worlds

(2.8.2017, Hall B)

​Dr. Judith Bryans
Dairy: Environment and sustainability from cow to consumer
(2.8.2017, Hall B)

Dr. ​Erik Dahlquist

​Learning systems in the environmental management, microbiological processes and future energy production

(2.8.2017, Hall A)

​Dr. Denis Daneman 

Pediatric healthcare and the change of the occurrence of various diseases - Potential contribution of environmental and nutritional factors​

(3.8.2017, Hall A)

Dr. ​Frida Fåk Hållenius

Microbiome and Nutrition Potentially Influencing the Alzheimer´s​
(3.8.2017, Hall A)
​Prof. Tari Haahtela
​Biodiversity and Human Health – Ilkka Hanski Memorial Lecture
(3.8.2017, Hall A)
​Dr. Elias HakalehtoFuture solutions for health care, nutrition and circulation by the microbiome​
(3.8.2017, Hall A)
​Dr. John E. HallsworthHygienic, Economic and Ecological Losses caused by the Food Spoilage during Storage
(4.8.2017, Hall A)
​Dr. Juha P. HeleniusOpening of the Ecology and Agriculture day 
(4.8.2017 Hall A)

Agroecological symbiosis (AES) for energy self-sufficiency and plant nutrition in farming and food production
(4.8.2017, ​Helsinki University Viikki campus)
Dr. ​Hannu IlvesniemiIndications of Climate Change in the Finnish Forest Ecosystems​
(2.8.2017, Hall A)
​Dr. Reino LaatikainenNMR (Nucleic Magnetic Resonance) as a platform technology in environmental monitoring​
(3.8.2017, Hall B)
​Dr. Albert LebedevMass spectrometry in the research of environmental molecules: frog skin peptides – antibiotics of the next generation​
(3.8.2017, Hall B)
Dr. Zhi-Qing Lin​"Biofortification for the Development of Functional Agriculture"
(4.8.2017, Helsinki University Viikki campus)
Dr. ​Tarja Pitkänen
Exploring Potential Human Health Impacts of Active Microbiome in Natural and Man-Made Water Environments
(4.8.2017, Hall B)
​Dr. Maija PohjakallioIndustry has indicators for the follow up of environmental change and the development toward the circulation economy
(2.8.2017, Hall B)
Dr. Gwynne A. Mhuireach Microbiome Diversity in Urban Farms, Forests, Parks and Parking Lots
(4.8.2017, Hall C)
Dr. ​Uriel SaffrielLand as ecosystem – mesures and indicators of neutralizing its degradation
(2.8.2017, Hall A)
Dr. ​Yehuda ShoenfeldThe mosaic of autoimmunity ; everything is micro biome until proven otherwise​
(3.8.2017, Hall A)

Prof. Fredrik Stoddard 

Role of biological nitrogen fixation in European cropping systems
(4.8.2017, Helsinki University Viikki campus)
​Dr. Priit Tammeorg Biochar as promising tool for Carbon sequestration: Effects on Environment and Agriculture​
(3.8.2017, Hall C)
​Dr. Timo TöysäSelenium, Magnesium and other Soil Minerals Influencing Animal Health and Human Nutrition​
(4.8.2017, Helsinki University Viikki campus)
Dr. ​ ​Tiequan Zhang
Development of nutrient indicators for sustainable agriculture, progresses and perspectives
(4.8.2017, Helsinki University Viikki campus)
Dr. ​Xia ZhongUsing Environmental Bioindicators for Environmental Monitoring in China​
(4.8.2017, Hall B)
Dr. ​Yaron Ziv
​Species diversity indices (indicators) for community ecology and conservation
(4.8.2017, Hall A)

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