Program Highlights

The conference scientific program will include, but not be limited to, the following:
  1. Microbiome and human, animal, and environmental health
  2. Global climate changes and food quality
  3. Environmental thermodynamics
  4. Microbiome in ecosystem management
  5. Microbiome in water and soil pollution
  6. Microbiome, circulation and bioenergy
  7. Microbiological factors and balances, and their contribution to health and etiology of disease
  8. Ecosystem services by micro-organisms
  9. Land use, degradation and restoration
  10. Soil protection and the microbiome
  11. Species diversity and conservation in various ecosystems
  12. Agroecology and ecodevelopment indicators
  13. Desertification, soil pollution and dysbiosis
  14. Organic farming
  15. Ecotoxicology
  16. Ecology of the forest areas
  17. Fossil and non-fossil energy production and the environmental influences
  18. Water and nutrient cycles
  19. Baltic Sea research experiences
  20. Ocean ecosystems, their indicators, research, preservation and recovery
  21. Water pollution studies
  22. Urban ecology
  23. Indoor air quality
  24. Food production in the cities
  25. Occupational and public health
  26. Electromagnetic radiations and its effects
  27. Disaster management
  28. Nutritional factors in global perspective
  29. Environmental factors in allergies and autoimmune diseases
  30. Microbiological threats for the weakened patient groups
  31. Interdependence of human health and the ecosystem balances
  32. Food-chains and growing populations
  33. Health and food quality
  34. Environmental effects on peoples in various climate zones
  35. Sustainable waste treatment solutions for big cities and industries
  36. Atmospheric surveillance and indicators of climate change
  37. Epidemiology of the human influences 

Special sessions during the conference

  1. Human microbiome and its research
  2. Extremophilic organisms and their communities
  3. Sustainable Tropical Forestry and Agriculture
  4. Biochar as Promising Tool for Carbon Sequestration: Effect on Environment and Agriculture


Sustainable Agriculture Research

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